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March 5th, 6th and 7th. Horse Drawn Mower Rendezvous: Marathon, NY

A fun mower get together for DAPNet members. We will share mower repair, rebuild, and maintenance tips. We will work in the shop with different mower challenges chosen by participants. Plan to visit an Amish mower repair business on Monday morning (get new pins in a shoe!). Possibilities include: wheel welding, push par adjusting for lead, pitman seal and baring repair. Facilitator: Donn Hewes

May 14th & 15th. Beginning Teamster Workshop: New Concord, NY

This hands-on workshop emphasizes safety, understanding how and why horses work for people. We will introduce basic skills needed to harness and drive a single or team of horses. This will include safe methods for hooking to a cart and skidding logs or poles.  Facilitators:Sue Brennan & Donn Hewes

August  6th.  Horse Powered Hay Making Demonstration: Marathon, NY

Presented by DAPNet and NOFA NY. We will demonstrate tools used in the production of high quality hay made with draft animal power. We will focus on 2nd cutting hay made from grazing land. Facilitator: Donn Hewes

October 7th – 9th. Draft Animal Powered Network Annual Gathering: Charlestown, NH