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DAPNet Annual Gathering 2014!    

At the Cummington, Massachusetts Fairgrounds this coming Sept. 26th 27th, and 28th.  Keep your eyes peeled on our forum and facebook as we make plans for this fun event.  Put those dates on your calender now!  We will be back in Cummington one year later for a great Draft Animal – Power Field Days in 2015.  There is always room for folks who would like to help us plan and coordinate these great events on our DAPNet Program and Events Committee.  Looking forward to seeing you all in Cummington.


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 Cultivation with Animal Power Workshop, July 12th 2014

Click here for more info and for registration materials.


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Draft Horse Track 2014 NOFA Summer Conference

August 9th

Workshops for beginners.



16th World Percheron Congress
Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds
West Springfield, MA 
October 6-11, 2014 ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________

2014 Horse Progress Days

MT. Hope, Ohio

July 4th & 5th 2014


__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Certified-Logo-RGB-for-web   ______________________________________________________________     _________________________________________________________________________________________________ culti05                                                  Fair Winds Farm

Celebrating 34 years of diversified, horse-powered family farming.

Fair Winds Farm is a 42 acre diversified, horse powered, family operated         farm. We work together with our horses, chickens, sheep, goats, turkeys, pigs and perennial and vegetable gardens to feed ourselves and our community. Jay and Janet run the farm business with the help of many others, including: daughter Erica and family (Jason, Jonas and Margaret), son Reuben, and friends Mary-Diane, John and Joe. Through the participation of each of these minds and bodies, the farm evolves to suit its farmers. We thank each for their contributions and welcome you to come and visit. Link to events & workshop calendar: _____________________________________________________________ Sanborn Mills FARM

Workshop 2014 General Information

Over the years we have offered workshops, demonstrations and events  in the following areas at various times..

Traditional Blacksmithing for Beginners & Intermediate Smiths Jigs for Blacksmithing Forge Welding with Coal Spinning Introductory Tinsmithing

Stone Wall Building Traditional Timber Harvest Timber Framing Historic Preservation Internships

Oxen Basics for the Teamster and Team Logging with Oxen Logging with Horses Logging with Draft Animals Workhorse Management (The Smooth Side to the Horse) Breaking Ground for Planting with Mules

Water-Powered Sawmill Demonstrations & Farm Tours Barn Raisings Corn Husking & Barn Dance

How to Reach Us:

Colin and Paula Cabot 7097 Sanborn Road Loudon, New Hampshire 03307 Telephone: (603) 435-7314    email:

Our workshops are small, so reserve a place early.  We have four student forges for Black smithing.  Tin smithing is limited to eight.  Spinning is limited to six.  Workshops generally cost around $125 – $150 per day depending on whether meals are included.  Accommodation is $40 per night. Some materials may cost extra, too. Please tell us if you’re interested in a particular workshop and we’ll arrange a schedule to fit yours.  Simply call us or e-mail us to tell us your time preference and we’ll coordinate your availability with that of others in order to fill up classes.